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?☕️ Valeriy Bayko BIBLE BREAKFAST (#348) 03/07/20 (eng) “The responsibilities of a man and a request for the women…”

BIBLE BREAKFAST (#348) 03/07/20 (English)

“The responsibilities of a man and a request for the women…”

? 1 Timothy 2:8 “I desire therefore that the men pray everywhere, lifting up holy hands, without wrath and doubting” 
▪️Today in our church we are having men’s fellowship. As I was thinking and praying for God’s blessing, I remembered the words of Apostle Paul who said, “I desire therefore that the men pray everywhere, lifting up holy hands, without wrath and doubting”.
▪️This is a direct appeal to men in which is expressed a serious responsibility that is put on men by God as the priests of their families (there is an exception when the husband is not a Christian; in that case this responsibility lays on the woman). This is not just a general calling so that men know how to serve. 
▪️First, Paul stresses a very important point, saying: “everywhere”, and at the same time clearly emphasizing the all-around responsibility of men for the spiritual condition of their families. 
▪️Not during celebrations, not during certain times, not when something special is happening, but always, regularly, everywhere. The responsibility of men, husbands, fathers- the prayer and care of the spiritual life of their families. 
▪️The man of the house is the initiator of all of the spiritual activities of the family. He is the first spiritual counselor in all the family needs. He is the first to lay his hands on the kids and wife who are sick and pray. He is, as the priest would be, an example for the whole family of what it means to have the right relationship with God and towards the church. 
▪️If a man will miss this, even for the most valid reasons like constantly being busy or tired or anything else, this will bring about certain losses… This especially applies when the children are still little. 
▪️I am a man and know that for us men, in our manly psychology, this is not always easy to admit. Although sometimes, we think that we are so strong and capable that we can easily overtake our families. In reality, this is not so. 
▪️For us men, it is crucial to do everything we can, understanding this special role placed by God upon us and which needs to be active “everywhere”, 24/7, so that there will be no gaps, which are difficult to fill later. 
▪️Second, for men to be in their spiritual fast “everywhere”, it is important to be in the proper spiritual state. How Paul expressed, when they lift up their hands, they must be “without wrath and doubting”.
▪️This talks about a personal spiritual state, otherwise, it is impossible to fulfill this role for men. 
▪️The responsibility is great and serious. This is not always simple and easy, but it is important for the priest of the home to watch himself, as he is the head of the house and everything starts from him. 
▪️And so, we will apply every effort for us, men, priests, to always be in the correct spiritual state, to have the opportunity to always lift up holy hands in prayer, and to be an example and blessing for our families and those who surround us. 
▪️Women, wives, children- support men, your husbands, fathers in the lifting of hands. Support them with your encouragements and your attitudes. This is important! 
▪️They sometimes get tired, fall, get lazy, even get lost, and this is especially when they need your support.
▪️Some people even can bring them down. You, however, help pick them up and understand them. How important this is in a family! 

? Have a good day and blessings to all! For men, to always have lifted hands, for women, their support! See you in the evening at the men’s fellowship. (With prayer, Valeriy Bayko).

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