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?☕️ Valeriy Bayko BIBLE BREAKFAST (#347) 03/06/20 (eng) “What is priority number 1…”

BIBLE BREAKFAST (#347) 03/06/20 (eng)

“What is priority number 1…”

? Matthew 19:25-26 “When His disciples heard it, they were greatly astonished, saying, ‘Who then can be saved?’ But Jesus looked at them and said to them, ‘With men this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.'”
▪️There is no greater question, goal, or mission on earth for the Church of Christ than the question, goal, or mission of the salvation of people. 
▪️Heaven is and always will be preoccupied with this. For this reason Jesus came to the earth; for this reason He died for the sins of all people; for this reason He was resurrected and for this reason He will come back again for those who are saved. This is God’s great plan called the plan of salvation. 
▪️You can hear this in every word of Christ written in the New Testament. You can hear this in every prophecy of the Old Testament. 
▪️The disciples of Christ, hearing yet again about salvation in the example of a rich young man who came to Christ with this question, but when he heard what he needed to do in order to be saved, he turned away with sorrow, seeing his reaction when hearing the words of Christ, they asked with bewilderment: “Who then can be saved?”
▪️Or “is this even possible”? Every one of them was probably asking about themselves, knowing and understanding their helplessness. 
▪️Christ confirmed that :“With men this is impossible”. It’s impossible to be saved on your own, it’s impossible to get out of the “yokes of sin” on your own, it’s impossible to get out of the “scary mud of sin” by yourself. 
– However, Christ gave us hope by saying: “With God all things are possible”. It’s possible for God to pull out any sinner out of any “mud of sin”- “For the Son of Man has come to save that which was lost.” (Matthew 18:11)
▪️For us who are saved, who have been pulled out of the “mud of sin”, we can say without doubt, in this place, our soul is captivated and we want to cry from joy, thanking God: “I was dead and am alive again, I was lost and have been found.” (Luke 15:24)
▪️However, is this the only reaction from the saved? What kind of reaction do the saved have towards those who are not yet saved? Towards the ones who are perishing? Towards those who find themselves drowning in the “mud of sin”?
▪️Observation, pity, compassion only, or with it- a passionate desire to save, understanding that they can’t save themselves, that “for man it is impossible”. However, I know from personal experience that only: “with God all things are possible”.
▪️Knowing the path of salvation, understanding that it’s the only path, understanding that without it, it is impossible to be saved, we (the saved) must have an unstoppable goal- to help those who need salvation to find this path. 
▪️Unstoppable goal – this means applying every effort for this, dedicating your time for this, doing whatever it takes. 
▪️Sometimes this meant that the saved had to endure jail, torture, and even death. But they did this no matter what. 
▪️Why? Becuase they saw this as the main goal in their lives and they understood that “the one who is saved is called to save; this law was given to us through grace”, one author said. They were ready to pay any price. 
▪️They understood “if not I, then who?” One author wrote a whole book with this title and calling by the name of Oswald John Smith with the message of I will bring them to Christ. 
▪️How I want for every saved and Christian person to understand this… not just in theory, but in practice, and for every person who is saved to not settle while doing this and living on this earth. 
▪️Not settling while looking for those who are not yet saved, not settling while carrying the message to those who are not saved, not settling while bringing people to Christ or to Church, not settling while living and serving, serving, serving. 
▪️What and how to do this, on each separate occasion, place, city, country, culture, etc. This could involve personal instruments that are needed, not folding our hands, looking for, applying, using. 
▪️If for someone it costs freedom, for another their life, but they keep doing it, then even more so for us who don’t have to pay that price. We must throw aside all carelessness “maybe someone else can do it”, “I’m too busy”, “I’m too shy”, “I have more important things to do”, “I don’t know how”, “I never have time”, etc. 
▪️Everyone can find a thousand reasons not to do this and justify themselves. This includes the first Christians, the first Apostles who were also people, who also had families, who also had responsibilities, but also, being pulled out from the “mud of sin”, knew that “salvation- is first priority” and therefore they treated it as such. 
▪️First responders – firefighters, paramedics, and others know their calling; they know what their first priority is. Even more so, “heavenly first responders”– the church of Christ on earth, every one of us, without exception, should know our priority without any persuasion, request, and pleading.

? Have a good day and a clear understanding of our main destination on this earth- the salvation of people! Vision SOS- is in need of dedicated people who understand what salvation means, who understand and are ready not just to press “like” for salvation on SOS, but who are ready to sacrifice time, strength, and money for the sake of people who need salvation. This is not just all things, but “all things are possible for God” in our work. (With prayer, Valeriy Bayko).

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